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How to display a document (link to a PDF document)


There are three main methods of displaying a document in Sporty - using a button, linking to the document in a text field, or using the document widget.

For each of these methods, we must first get the link of the document.

To get the link of the document:

Go to Dashboard > Documents.

Find the document you wish to display.  Click on the page icon beside the document name


This will open the document a pop up Copy Document URL with a link the document. Copy this link (press Ctrl-C on Windows or Cmd-C on Mac).


Now we can display the document using one of the three methods.

Using a Button

  1. On your web page, click ADD CONTENT where you would like to display your button.  Select the Button widget.
  2. Enter the text you want to display on the button - e.g. "View Document".
  3. Choose your button styling.
  4. Under Link, click Website URL, and paste the document link into the text box.
  5. It's good practice to open documents in a new tab/window, so tick the checkbox Open in a new window.
  6. Click Save.

Using Text

In a text widget, highlight the piece of text you want to link e.g. "View Document".

Paste your link in the URL text field.

Switch to the Target tab, and select New Window (_blank) from the drop down list.  This will open the document in a new tab or browser window.

Click OK.

Using the Document List Widget

Click ADD CONTENT where you want to display the link to the document.

Select Document List from the widgets.

Click Add Documents.

Tick the checkbox of the document you wish to display.

You may tick multiple documents in multiple folders - the Document Widget will display them in a nicely formatted column.

Click Done Selecting Documents.

If you've selected multiple documents, arrange them by dragging and dropping them (using the arrows button).  You can also rename them here (this will not rename them in the document manager - just their display text on the page).

Click Save.

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