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Convert a document to PDF

A massive advantage of PDF documents is their ability to be viewed on almost any device, even within a web browser.  Additionally, PDFs also do not "lose their shape" like some editable file formats can, such as Microsoft Word.

PDF is the most popular file format for viewing and sharing documents on the web.

Sporty has an inbuilt converter, allowing you to convert your documents to PDF format.  A link is also created so you can link to your documents from your web pages.

To convert your documents:

  1. Open up the Documents and Media Manager by clicking Site Settings > Documents and Media.
  2. Navigate to the document you wish to convert, or upload one.
  3. Click the Convert to PDF button on the document you wish to covert.
  4. You will notice another file has appeared.  This is the PDF document that is being created.  Do not delete the original document until the PDF document has been created.
  5. Once your document has finished converting, you may delete the original document if you like.
  6. You can now view your PDF document in the browser by clicking on it.  You can link to this document by getting the URL of this page, and pasting it to a link in your website.
  7. Click Close to exit the Document and Media Manager.




Note:  Be sure to not to convert documents that are already in PDF format, as this could cause the document to not display correctly.

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