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The Button Widget

Buttons are a great way to link to other websites, pages on your own website, online forms or documents. They are also mobile responsive so display well on smaller devices.

To get started, go to a page on your website and click Add Content.

Select the Button Widget from the Widget menu.

In the Button Settings you can change the button text, colour, and destination.

To link the button to one of your site's online forms or documents, simply tick the relevant option (i.e. Document or Online Form) and then choose the document or form from the dropdown box. 

To set a button to link to another page on your website, tick Page and select the page you wish to link to from the dropdown box.

To set a button to link to another website, simply visit the page, copy the URL, and paste it in the web address box.

To have an image appear as a button, simply click on the "Image Button" tab next to "Standard Button", select your image and choose what you want the button linked to. You also have the ability to set another image as your "Hover" image.


Click Save and your button will now display.


For more help watch the video below:

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