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How to check your form

It is always best practice to check how your form appears and functions once it's all set up to ensure that the questions and products (if applicable) are displaying as you intended.

1. You can test your form by going to its address (URL) to see the public view of your form. The form URL/address can be found by clicking on the link icon. Here you can click on Copy Link and paste it into the address bar of a new browser window.



2. Complete the form as a test user, including selecting a product/service, then click on Submit.


3. If you have enabled your form to let people pay online via credit card or electronic direct debit, the next step will show a payment cart view. If users do not wish to make a payment at this time they can click or pay later instead.  People will be able to return to their cart at a later date and make an online payment via credit card or direct debit. This third option is only provided if payment is not set as mandatory on the form.


4. Once you have submitted your test registration, it will be displayed in the database view (Online Registrations > click on the name of the form). The amount Payable will relate to the price for whatever products/services you selected when you completed the form. The amount Paid will show any amount paid either online when the form was submitted, or subsequently if a payment was recorded against the registration later (as below). 



In addition to this, the email address registered will also receive a confirmation email that details all the products selected on the form regardless if they have been paid or not.

If someone completing the form does not pay at the time of registration, they can click the link at the bottom of the confirmation email Click here to pay online  This will open up the form payments area for them to complete the payment. 



5. If you click on the $ dollar sign button to the right of a record, it will expand the view to show the amounts, date and method of payment, and also allow you to manually Add Payment for instances where the person has paid you separately by cash, cheque or internet banking.


For more information regarding online registrations, please see this support article.


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