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How to copy an online form

If you have manually created an online form in the past, it is easy to make a copy of it. This is commonly done when a year or term changes, and you want a new form (and database) for the new period. 

Copying an existing form saves you from having to create a new form manually. The newly copied form will have all the same text, fields and settings of the original form that it was copied from.

NOTE: You cannot copy an official form (SuperForm) that is provided by your governing body. If you use an official registration form and you need a new version of it for the new season, please request this from your governing body.

To copy a form, go to the Online Registrations tile from your Dashboard. Then click the copy icon that is to the right of the original form you wish to copy.


The system will ask if you wish to assign the new form to the next season. This is ticked by default since this is what people most commonly wish to do. It will cause the new copy of the form to be set one year greater than the original form. It will also automatically create a roll-forward relationship between the original form and the new form, to allow you to easily roll copies of the registration records from the original database into the new database that is associated with the new form.  

You should untick this box if you are wishing the new form to have the same year value as the original form (for example, if you simply want a new form for a new term within the same year, or if you want a new form for other purposes). If you do untick this box, it will not create a roll-forward relationship between the original form and the new form. So if you want that relationship to exist to allow you to easily invite the original database of people to re-register on the new form, or for you to easily roll people forward from the original database into the new database, then you'll need to manually link the forms.


Click the Confirm button to complete creating a copy of your form. The new form will appear in your list of forms in your Online Registrations area.

You can now edit the new form to rename it to whatever you want, and to check that its text, question fields, and payment details (if any) are appropriate for your purposes.






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