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Make payment mandatory on a form

You can set payment to be mandatory where your online forms will be submitted only if a successful payment has been made at the time of registration. This requires you to have firstly set up online payment through Sporty.

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Once merchant services have been set up for your Sporty site, you can let people pay you online via credit card or automated direct debit (bank-to-bank) by adding product items to your online forms. You are then able to set your form to decline an online registration if the corresponding payment was unsuccessful when the person submits your form.

Only people who have successfully paid will appear in your online database associated with the form. 

To make payment mandatory for a form, edit the form by logging into your site on the Sporty platform, then go to your Dashboard then click the Online Registrations tile then click the pencil icon button to the right of the form you wish to edit.

Towards the bottom of the form, tick the check-box Decline Registration if Payment Unsuccessful.


Now when people view your form it will state that Payment must be made to complete this registration.


When they submit the form, they will be presented with the payment screen to enter their payment details. If they fail to complete this step successfully, their record will not be added to your online database.

Note: If you are logged in as an administrator you are able to by pass the mandatory payment option and complete the form without making a payment.

Direct debit payments

If someone elects to pay you online by direct debit (instead of credit card) the funds are electronically transferred from their bank account to your merchant account overnight. However, if they have insufficient funds in their bank account when this is processed, the banks treat this in a similar way to a cheque being written by someone with insufficient funds (ie their cheque would bounce). The person's bank may decide to charge them a dishonour fee. In this instance the person's record in your Sporty database will automatically be updated to reverse the amount paid, but the record will still appear there for you, to prompt you to contact the person directly to organise payment another way. If you wish to prevent the possibility of reversals like this occurring due to insufficient funds, you can set your form to Decline ability to pay by Direct Debit (overnight bank-to-bank).


If you would like to know how to set mandatory payments on an individual product, please see

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