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Xero for Sporty

Sporty is an approved partner app for Xero online accounting software. If you connect your Sporty website to Xero the following becomes possible:

  1. You can set your online registration forms to automatically create a Contact in Xero.
  2. You can raise Xero invoices from member management system.
  3. Sporty can automatically raise draft invoices for you in Xero whenever someone submits your online form (eg registrations, renewals, product sales).
  4. You can set tracking codes in Sporty so that different line items become automatically coded to your different cost centres in Xero. Click here to learn more about Xero tracking codes.
  5. When a person pays online as part of the registration process, the invoice can be marked as Paid automatically in Xero.  Conversely, marking an invoice as paid in Xero updates the Sporty balance paid to show payment received.

If your Sporty site is not yet connected to Xero, there is a one-time process to get this set up. Please click here to learn how to connect Sporty with your Xero the first time.

OPTIONAL: You may also wish to let people pay you online by credit card or electronic direct debit (bank to bank). For more information regarding enabling online payments, please click here.

Using Sporty with Xero

Once you have connected Sporty with Xero, you can add your own products and pricing to your forms, and nominate which account in Xero each item gets coded to.

Go to your Dashboard and click on Online Registrations.


Click the pencil button to the right of the form/database name that you wish to edit.


This opens the Form Builder utility and lets you edit your form. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Products section.

Tick the checkbox Automatically create contacts in Xero if you want a Contact to be created in Xero whenever someone registers using this form. Note that you can still use this setting even if you are not raising draft invoices automatically.

Optionally, tick the checkbox Automatically create invoices in Xero if you want a draft invoice to be raised in Xero whenever someone registers and selects their subscription amount or product.
Note: If this option is ticked then Automatically create contacts in Xero must also be ticked.


By default, the invoice status in Xero is set to Draft which means when a registration is submitted, a draft invoice is created in Xero for you to make your final changes. If you would like to bypass this step and set the invoice to display in Awaiting Payment as soon as the registration is submitted, you can choose to set the invoice status to Authorised.30.png


You should choose a default Xero account code and tax type for the Income arising from each item.


Note: The account codes come directly from your chart of accounts in your Xero to make selection easy for you. You can override this default for individual items later if you wish.

Important: If you would like the person’s address to be included in the draft invoice raised in Xero, ensure you have included the Address field as a question on your online form.

At the bottom of your form you can add/edit ‘products’. A product can be any item that you wish to receive payment for, such as subs, fees, team photos or merchandise. These items will appear to the public at the bottom of the public version of your form.

To add a product, enter a name for the item along with its price and the maximum quantity that can be purchased (if any).


Other settings you can set here include:

Allow Pay Online (optional) - If you have enabled merchant facilities to allow people to pay by credit card or electronic direct debit (bank-to-bank) you can decide whether each product should be allowed to be paid online. This will be ticked by default. An example of where you may not wish to allow this is for very high value items where you prefer to avoid the merchant transaction fee.

Required (optional) - This lets you set whether an item MUST be selected by whoever is completing the form. For example, if you have a sign-up form that includes Subs (member fees) that are mandatory for payment as well as optional items such as Socks, you might wish to tick the Subs item as being Required.

Required Groups (optional) - Lets you link related items where the person is required to select at least one of the items. For example, if you have a sign-up form that includes different items and pricing for Subs - Junior and Subs - Senior, where you require people to select at least one of these items, you can click the Group link and tick the items where at least one of them is Required.


Account (optional) - Lets you specify an account code from Xero if you wish to code the item within Xero to an account that is different to the default Account set for this online form.

Tax Rate (optional) - Lets you specify a Tax Rate for Xero if you wish to code the item within Xero to use a Tax rate that is different to the default Tax Rate set for this online form.

Name 1, Option 1, Name 2, Option 2 (optional) - Lets you set Tracking Codes and Options so that sales of the item gets set in Xero against your different cost centres.

Once you have set your settings for the product item, click the green + Add button to at the item to your form. Note that you can edit the settings for your item later if you wish.


Tips for bookkeepers:

For more information, please visit or download the full Xero User Guide.




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