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Let people select products/services on your forms

The platform makes it easy for you to create web input forms. For general instructions on how to create an online form, click here.

You can use the Form Builder utility to add products/services and pricing to your online registration forms, so that people can select their products/services when they complete your form. This automatically sets the amount Payable for each person in your online database view. This works regardless of whether or not you have enabled online payments via credit card for your form.

How to add your products/services to an online form 

1. Login and go to your Sporty dashboard, then into the Online Registrations tile. Either add a new form or use the pencil icon beside one of your existing forms to edit it. This displays the Form Builder view of your form, where you can add and manage the question fields that appear to people on your form. At the bottom of the form is the area where you can add your products/services and pricing.


2. Enter a Description and a Price for your product/service and click the +Add button to add it to your form.

3. Once you have added a product/service you can edit it by clicking the pencil button on the right, or delete it by clicking the trashcan button, or move it by using the drag-handles button to drag & drop the product/service into a different position relative to any other products/services you have added.

If you have connected with Xero, you can also set the Xero account code and tax rate that will be used when a draft invoice is automatically raised in Xero for you. For information on integration with Xero please see this support article.


4. You can decide whether to set products/services on your form to be Required, meaning that people must select a product/service before they can submit the form. Do this by ticking the checkbox in the Required column beside the product/service. Note that if you require people to select at least one product/service from a group of options, you can set it to be part of a Group. For example, you could set Junior Subs and Senior Subs to be part of a Group, meaning that people must select one of these options before they can submit the form. Click on the hyperlinked word Group to open the pop up and select products/services to Group.


5. Note that if you have online payments enabled via to let people pay by credit card or automated direct debit, you can untick the checkbox in the column Allow Pay Online to make the product/service unavailable for selection in the shopping cart. Although it is unusual to do this, it may be desired if there is a product/service with an extremely high value that you wish to let people pay offline to avoid incurring the transaction fees charged by Visa and MasterCard.

6. Don't forget to save your form.

What happens when your form is submitted.

1. You can test your form yourself, by going to its address (URL) to see the public view of your form. Complete the form as a test user, including selecting a product/service, then Submit the form.


2. If you have enabled your form to let people pay online via credit card or electronic direct debit, the next step will show a payment cart view. If users do not wish to make a payment at this time they can click or pay later instead.  People will be able to return to their cart at a later date and make an online payment via credit card or direct debit. This third option is only provided if payment is not set as mandatory on the form.


3. Once you have submitted your test registration and you go to your database view (by clicking the name of the form in the Online Registrations area of your Sporty dashboard) you will be able to see your registration record. The amount Payable will relate to the price for whatever products/services you selected when you completed the form. The amount Paid will show any amount paid either online when the form was submitted, or subsequently if a payment was records against the registration later (as below).



4. If you click on the $ dollar sign button to the right of a record, it will expand the view to show the amounts, date and method of payment, and also allow you to manually Add Payment for instances where the person has paid you separately by cash, cheque or internet banking.


For more information regarding online registrations, please see this support article or contact a rep from

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