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Online Payments - What You Need to Know

Sport$pay and SchoolPay - Online Payments Made Easy

Sport$pay and SchoolPay is the online payment solution from and It allows people to pay you online not only by credit card, but also by direct debit (ie directly from their bank account to yours, with no credit card needed).

This solution is a fully PCI-Compliant payment method that is used and trusted by thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand. When people complete a web form on your website, such as to sign-up or renew their membership, they can pay online and the transaction is automatically recorded in your online member database. This lets you avoid paper forms and cash/cheque handling. And you no longer need to spend hours matching online payments from a bank statement.

There is a 4.35% + GST fee (5% including GST). Note that if your total annual transaction volumes are high, you may qualify for a discounted percentage rate of 2.95% + GST.

The flat transaction percentage is the only fee. There is no flagfall fee. Sport$pay has no extra hidden fees.

Payments that people make to you are processed by Debitsuccess every week up until each Friday (5pm for direct debit and 11:30pm for credit card). The funds are then automatically paid directly to your bank account each following Wednesday, minus the 5% fee.

The transaction fee can be added to the amount people pay online. Simply add the transaction fee to the amount you set for your products/services. Since 5% will automatically be deducted as a fee, 95% will be remitted to you once the payment has been processed. So the easy way to calculate the correct total is to divide your price by 0.95. For example, if your price is $50 you would divide this by 0.95 = $52.63. So when 5% of $52.63 is deducted ($2.63), then you will receive your $50 net.

For a printable brochure Click Here.  For more information visit (NZ) or (AU).

For online payment FAQs please click here.

To get set up, you need to firstly complete a merchant application form. This is a one-time process that can be completed at (New Zealand) or (Australia).

You will be notified by email once your application has been approved and online payments have been activated for your organisation, normally within 2-3 business days.


Request for Change in Bank Account for Payouts

If you wish to change the bank account that is associated with your Sport$pay account, you must first download and fill out this form, then submit it to

Please ensure you read the information at the top of the application form.

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