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Person matching (SuperCRM)

Sporty completes bespoke person identification when people complete registration forms.  The Sporty platform will look for a number of shared personal identifiers such as name, date of birth and contact information to assign multiple registrations to a unique person stored in your Sporty database. 

When your organisation is a school or club, all registrations submitted by one person for your organisation will be stored against that person in your SuperCRM. 

When an organisation is a governing body, such as a softball association, netball centre or provincial union, all registrations from all clubs and schools within your organisation's “zone” will appear against one single person in SuperCRM. 

Updating personal information 

The information that you hold for a person can be updated in two ways: 

  1. New registration form completed or registration form edited 
  2. Person profile updated in SuperCRM 

Editing/Submitting a new registration form 

A person's contact/personal details on SuperCRM is updated with the latest information when the person either submits a new registration form for your organisation, or uses the magic link in their email to edit an existing registration, or if you as an administrator, open and edit their registration form on their behalf in SuperCRM

If the recently submitted registration is for a Superform, and therefore belongs to a governing body (e.g., softball, netball, rugby etc.), all related organisations in your sporting code will also receive the updated information for that person.

Any previously submitted registration forms will not be updated with this new contact/personal information, those registration forms will contain the information submitted when the registration form was originally submitted or subsequently edited. This means if you invite the person to re-register, the invitation will be sent to the email address on the registration form, and the contact/personal information displayed on the form will be the information previously submitted on that form. 

Edit person in SuperCRM 

When you edit a person in SuperCRM, this will also update all “current” registration forms at your organisation with this updated contact/personal information.  This means your “in-use” registration forms all have the current contact information for the person.  “Current” forms are all registration forms that have: 

  1. no season/year defined,
  2. are for this season/year, 
  3. are for last season/year, when a new form has opened for this season/year, but the person hasn’t registered to the new season yet.  

If the form is a Superform, and therefore belongs to a governing body (eg softball, netball, rugby etc), all related organisations in your sporting code will also receive this contact/personal information update for that person. 

If you do not normally have access to update a field on a form (eg your governing body has restricted you from changing a person’s gender), the change made on the person in SuperCRM will not update the registration form, and subsequently your governing body will not be updated with this change.  However, all form fields that you do have access to update will be updated. 

Restrictions on editing people 

Clubs and schools are unable to edit a Person’s first name, last name or date of birth.  If these fields need to be updated, please contact your governing body or 

People that are not matched 

Sometimes there are not enough matching identifiable fields that allow Sporty to confirm a positive match.   

Same First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth 

If a person has the same first, last name and date of birth as another person in your database but other contact information differs, Sporty will populate this person as a “Likely Match”, allowing you to manually link or merge these people together in Sporty (confirming that the registrations belong to the same person).   

It is important to note that if a person is required to be manually linked, they would not have been identified as requiring a transfer if your sport has a transfer requirement.  Please contact if you manually link a person that now has two active registrations for the season, which should have initiated a transfer. 

See “Link Duplicates” in the SuperCRM user guide for instruction on how to manually link people. 

Different First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth 

If a person completed a registration form incorrectly, please refer to this support article.

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