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Add a player to a team after the team building close off date

This process will give the ability for the netball centre administrator to add a player to a team after the team building close off date has been set. The player can then be selected in the Game Day Scoring app (for netball centres that are using the Game Day Scoring app).

This process can be used to manage game day/casual players that register with their club/school after the close of date for team/player entries have been set by the centre.


  1. After the player has registered with their club/school, go into SuperCRM for the netball centre.
  2. Search for the player.
  3. Click into the player’s profile then into the Registrations Click the green magnifying glass icon to edit the person’s record.Picture1.png
  4. In the person’s record, scroll down to the Grade and Team fields. These fields have been set as “hierarchy” fields. This means the centre has the ability to set these fields for a person.

Note: The centre is unable to change any other fields on the persons’ record.


  1. Select the Grade and Team the person is to be entered into.


  1. Then scroll to the bottom of the registration record and click Submit.
  2. When you go back to the Registrations tab of the person and refresh the page, it has updated the Grade and Team.


  1. On the club/school's site, the person has automatically been added into the team in TeamBuilder.

The player will now be available for selection into a team for club/school if using the Game Day Scoring app.


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