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Using folders to manage registration forms

You can organise your forms into folders and subfolders to make it easier to manage your database and find what you need.

By default, your existing registration forms have been filed by season, then sport.  If your existing registration forms were not assigned to a season or sport, you will find them saved to the General folder.


Forms display the season in brackets after the form name to make it easy to differentiate between forms if they reside in the same folder.


This guide outlines how to use the folder structure in Online Registrations to create, edit, move and delete folders.  If you have any questions, please contact


Accessing Online Registrations

Select a registration form

Create a folder

Change the order of folders

Create subfolders or rename or delete folders and subfolders

Move subfolders

Saving a new form to a folder

Copying a form

Search for a Person or Transaction

 Accessing Online Registrations

To access your registrations, login to Sporty and select Dashboard. Now select Online Registrations to access your registrant database.

On the left side of the screen is a list of folders, and all registration forms are contained within these folders.  

By default you will be shown the topmost folder that contains visible forms.

For more details about getting started with Online Registrations, please click here.

Select a registration form

Click on the folder name to expand the folder.  If any registration forms exist within the folder, the form/s will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.  The folder you have open will be displayed in Green.


Folders may have subfolders nested underneath.  Click a subfolder to expand the folder and view any registration forms contained within the subfolder.


 Create a folder

  1. Click + Create Folder

  2. Enter a folder name, then click

Change the order of folders

By default, folders appear in Reverse Alphabetical order.  To change the order to Alphabetical, click the down arrow icon next to Folder.


 Create subfolders or rename or delete folders and subfolders.

  1. Hover over an existing folder to display the edit pencil
  2. Click the edit pencil and options available will display.options.png
  3. Select the option required.

Note: Any folder that contains a form within it cannot be deleted. Please move the registration form to a different folder or delete the form before deleting this folder.

Move subfolders

Sub folders can be moved to a different main level folder. Simply click on the sub folder and ‘drag and drop’ it into the desired folder.

A pop-up message will appear asking:


Click Proceed to confirm the move.

Saving a new form to a folder

  1. To create a new form, click +Build New Form.
  2. Once the form has been completed, click Save Form.save_form.pngylr
  3. A modal will present all folders and subfolders available. You can select any of the existing folders or create a new folder to save the form to.
  • To put a form into an existing folder simply click the existing folder name and then click Saveexisting.png
  • To create a new folder for a form, click Create Folder at the bottom of the modal.14.png
  • Enter the name of the folder you want to create. Click the Save disk icon. 15.png
  • The new folder created will now be pre-selected in the modal. Click Save.

Copying a form

If you have manually created an online form, it is easy to make a copy of it. This is commonly done when a year or term changes, and you want a new form (and database) for the new period.

The newly copied form will have all the same text, fields and settings of the original form that it was copied from.

  1. Click the Copy icon next to the form you with to copy.copy_form.png
  2. A modal will ask you if you wish to assign the form to the following season, and what folder you want to save it to. See: Copy Forms for more details.
  3. Save the form to an existing folder or create a new folder as per instructions listed for Saving a new form to a folder.

Search for a  Form, Person, or Transaction

There are a few search functions that you can use to find the information you need.
You can search for a form by typing in the form name under the Form Search field. You can search for a registrant by typing in their name under the Name Search field. Alternatively, you can also search for their registration by typing the SP number into the Transaction Reference Search field. Click on the search button.

Any forms that contain that value will display for you to click into. 


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