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Roll a person forward in the database

As a administrator you can roll a person forward from one database to the next. This is most commonly used to re-register people from one season or year to the next. This functionality is only possible if you have one form/database that is linked to have a relationship with another form/database. This linkage normally exists automatically for you if you are using official forms provided by a governing body. However, you can also create this linkage yourself manually if you are using local forms/databases that you have created yourself.

Once you have one form/database that is linked to a newer form/database, you can roll a copy of each person's record forward from the older form/database to the newer form/database.

To do this, login and go to your Dashboard, then click the Online Registrations tile. Click on the name of the original form/database that holds the record for the person you wish to roll forward to the newer form/database. Click the roll forward icon beside the name of the person you wish to roll forward.


This will open the form for the new season, automatically pre-filled with the person's details. Simply update any details that you know to have changed, and click Submit.

A record for the person will be added to the newer database. If you view their record in the older database, you will see that it is now highlighted with a green background colour. This indicates that the person exists in the newer database.



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