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Introduction to online registrations

The Sporty platform provides the most widely used online registration solution in New Zealand, registering or renewing over 500,000 people every year.

The solution includes a Form Builder utility that lets you add questions to display on your online form. Each form has its own unique address (URL) so it's easy for you to link to your form from your website, Facebook or email. 

Whenever someone completes your form, they are automatically added to your online database associated with that form. All forms are protected by Recaptcha to maintain the integrity of your database.*


You can login to view and manage their details, export to Excel, or send them an eNewsletter. To learn more about managing your online database, see

Online forms from Sporty are integrated with NZ Rugby Union, NZ Football, Touch NZ, NZ Rugby League, many Netball Centres and Softball and Hockey Associations. This means that you can use an 'official form' from the sports code and, when people register, their record automatically updates the database of your governing body. This meets your reporting requirements and avoids duplication and double handling.

There is also a clever utility called TeamBuilderâ„¢ that gives you a slightly different view of your online databases. TeamBuilderâ„¢ lets you add teams and then drag & drop people into those teams. Many sports codes use this as their official method for clubs and schools to enter teams into their competitions for the draw. Teams also allow for the details of coaches and managers so that you have all of the team's information in one place. See this support article about TeamBuilder.

Online registrations from Sporty also gives you the option of accepting online payments from people via credit card or direct bank-to-bank payment using Sport$pay. This lets you see at a glance in your database view who has paid online, simplifying your reconciliations and avoiding the time wasted trying to match payments from your bank statement. Online payments is also popular with people because it lets them pay with timing that suits them. See for more information.

You can also show your products/services on your online forms, even if you're not enabling online payments. Draft invoices can be automatically raised in Xero if you wish, regardless of how each person ultimately pays you. The database view lets you see at a glance how much is Payable, Paid, and what the Balance due is.


To learn more about how to display products/services and pricing on your online forms, please see this support article.

Your online registration database from Sporty lets you see people's records over multiple terms, years or seasons. You can easily invite an existing database to renew or re-register by sending a bulk email, where each person receives a 'magic link' to see their own details. This avoids the issues associated with people needing to remember login details, since there is no need for them to login.

When you view your online database for a previous year or season, the system automatically colours records green for anyone who has renewed for the next year/season. This lets you see at a glance who has renewed, and chase up those who haven't.

* Recaptcha has been introduced to prevent Bot activity on forms. Only the most suspicious traffic will be prompted to solve a captcha in order to submit the form.

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