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Introduction to online registrations


Using Sporty Online Registrations it the easiest and most intuitive way to handle your registrations.

You begin by creating a form.  Forms allow people to register and provide any relevant information.

You can then display your form on your website for users to register.

Once a user registers they become a registrant in the database.  You are able to view, update registrant details and keep track of your registrations.

Using TeamBuilder™ you can create grades and teams.  You can simply drag-and-drop registrants into their teams.

Teams also allow for the details of coaches and managers so that you have all of the team's information in one place.

Sporty also provides the option to add online payments to a form using Sport$pay. This creates a fast and easy experience for your users.

You can see which registrants have paid and which have outstanding balance in your database.

Sporty online registrations provide a seamless transition between years and seasons.  Upon the new season you can invite your existing database to re-register.

Existing registrants can then update their details and then be placed in the new season's teams.

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