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Introduction to the Dashboard


Manage Websites

This is where you go to manage your website and subsites.  You can edit your websites and adjust their settings.

Documents and Media

The document manager is where you go to manage your documents.  You can upload documents to the cloud, view them, organise them with folders, and convert them to PDF.


This is where you manage your website's images.  You can upload image, add folders for organisation, and edit image settings.


TeamBuilder allows you to drag-and-drop registered players into teams.  It provides an easy-to-use interface to keep track of grades, teams, and players.

Online Registrations

This is the hub of your online registrations.  Here you can create registration forms, view and manage your database of registrants, and much more.

Online Payments

If you enable our only payments solution, Sport$pay, you can add online payments to your registration forms.  This makes registration faster and easier for both you and your registrants.

News & eNewsletters

This feature allows you to create and manage new articles, create eNewsletters, manage your mailing lists, and adjust your news and eNewsletter settings.


The Customer Relationships Management section is a premium feature that lets you manage the history and relationships of the people you deal with.

Admin Settings

This section allows you to manage the privileges and levels of access your website users have.  You can allow contributors to update sections of the site while keeping other sections private.

Web and Email

Your own web address can be set to display your website.  You can also have customised email addresses set to forward to people in your organisation.  Here you can subscribe to this service.

Internet / Members Only

This is a premium feature that lets you protect pages with a password to restrict content.

Technical Support

We have a complete knowledge centre of guides and tutorials available to help you in our Online Support Centre. If you can't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

For New Zealand Clubs and Schools:
Give us a call on 0900 777 876 (note calls cost), or email

For Australian Clubs and Schools:
Give us a call on 1902 287 780 (note calls cost), or email

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