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Identifying and Communicating with "new" registrants

New registrants are visually identifiable in the Registration view of Sporty, with the "Date Registered" field highlighted in Orange.  When hovering over the date, Alt text "New Registrant this season" is displayed. Returning registrants have the "Date Registered" field in black.

Current Season View:

In this example, Chloe Albert is a returning player in the 2019 season.  All other registrants are new.


Prior Season View:

In this example, all registrants are new players to the club in the 2018 season. Chloe Albert has been rolled forward or re-registered for the 2019 season.


The ‘new’ registrants are visually identifiable in the export CSV file generated from TeamBuilder or the Database view. New registrants have an entry of "Yes" in the column "New" in CSV exports from Sporty.    

Current Season Online Registrations/Teambuilder Export:


Prior Season Teambuilder Export:



Organisations can use the eNewsletter facility whereby they can choose to email solely ‘new’ registrants for a selected database, to allow club/schools to send email content specifically targeted to new or returning members

  1. Dashboard
  2. News and eNewsletters
  3. Create enewsletter
  4. Enter "From" email address, email Subject, Number of Articles (if required), and email content
  5. Next
  6. Select Recipients from "Forms/Databases" by clicking the downwards arrow next to the Sport "Rugby", then the downwards arrow next to the form registrants you want to communicate with.
  7. You now have an option to select "New registrants" "Returning Registrants" or "All"
  8. Send



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