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Display a form


There are two main ways to display a form:

  1. Using the Online Form widget (view article)
  2. Displaying a link to the Form

Method 1 - Using the Online Form widget

From the Website Builder, click ADD CONTENT, and choose Online Form from the widget list.

Select the Form you want to display from the drop-down list, and and click Save.

Method 2 - Displaying a link to the Form

You can also get a link to the Form, which you can use to link text/buttons/images to the Form.

From the Dashboard, click Online Registrations, and then on the link icon for the Form.




A link will appear for the Form.  Copy this link (right-click > Copy) for using linking text, buttons etc.

Return URL:

If you would like users to be directed to a specific page after completing the form, you can set a Return URL.  Commonly the Return URL is set to the home page of the website.

When you click the link icon (in the image above), a small text field will appear called Your Return URL.  Enter the link of your return page there, and click the Create Link button.

Then copy the generated link (highlight > Right-Click > Copy) for use in your website.

For details on Return URLs, see the article: How to specify a return URL

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