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Display a form

There are two main ways to display a form:

  1. Using the Online Form widget (view article)
  2. Displaying a link to the Form

Using the Online Form widget

From the Website Builder, click ADD CONTENT, and choose the Online Form from the widget list. Select the form you want to display from the drop-down list, and and click Save.

Note that once the form is closed and a new form is linked to it, the Online Form Widget will automatically update and display the newer form.


Displaying a link to the Form

You can also get a link to the Form, which you can use to link text/buttons/images to the form. Go to Dashboard > Online Registrations, and then on the link icon for the form.


This will display the address (URL) for your form:


Every link (address) is completely unique, so anyone who follows the link will see your own form. Anyone who completes your form will be added to the online database associated with the form.

Click the Copy Link button to copy the link address.

Return URL:

If you would like people to be directed to a specific page after they submit your form, you can set a Return URL.  Commonly the Return URL is set to the home page of your website or to your Facebook, or perhaps to a page with information relevant to your organisation.

If you enter a Return URL, you need to click the Update Link button to update the Link (address) for your form. Then click the Copy Link button to copy the updated link address that now includes the Return URL.

You can paste this link into a text widget or a button. 


For more information on Return URLs, see the article: How to specify a return URL

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