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How to Edit Administrator Permissions

You can control the level of access that people have to administer your website and databases. It’s good practice to give people access only to the areas they need. This is called User Access Control.
This article simply explains how to change the access that an existing administrator has. To learn how to add new administrators, please refer to this support article instead.
To manage User Access Control for your administrators, login to Sporty and go to your Dashboard> Admin Settings.
Next, click on Login and Access Control and select the  Edit (pencil) icon for the person whose access you wish to update.

This shows you the areas the person currently can access. Note that this is separated under two different tabs, Websites and Databases. On the Websites tab, you can turn someone on as a Webmaster to give them the ability to update content on your main website and any sub-sites (microsites) that may exist, or you can tick individual check-boxes to provide administrator access just to those individual sub-sites. Once you’ve made your changes on the Websites tab, either click Save or proceed to the Databases tab.



On the Databases tab, you can tick Database Admin box to give the person access to all your databases, or you can tick a sport to give a person access to all databases relating to that sport, or you can tick individual check-boxes to give the person access to those individual databases. In the example below, Joe Bloggs has access to the Football and Netball databases but not the Hockey databases. Make sure you click Save to apply your changes.


On the Other tab, you can tick on what other services within the Sporty ecosystem you would like the user to have access to.

Note: The options that will appear on this view will depend on what you have subscribed to.


For a detailed description of what people can do with different levels of access, please refer to this support article. 

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