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Connect your domain name (www address) to your website

By default, all Sporty websites reside under the Sporty domain name.  For example, your default web address will be or

However, if you prefer, you can display your own www domain name (web address) instead.

There are three steps:

1.  Purchase a domain name from a domain registrar. To make this process as simple as possible for you, we recommend purchasing your domain directly from us at

Note: If you are purchasing a .au extension domain name there is a minimum registration or renewal period of two years as set by auDA

2. Then complete this form:

Note: There is a one off administration fee to link your domain name to your Sporty website.

3.  Follow the step by step instructions contained on the form to update the DNS settings for your domain name via your name server host. Or we can do this for you for a fee if you prefer.


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