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How to manage the address (Sporty URL and www web address) of your site

Every site on the Sporty platform automatically gets its own unique Sporty URL (web address) that looks something like

If you have registered your own domain name (web address) such as then you can configure this so that the public will see it in their browser address bar instead of your Sporty URL. To set your website to use your own web address follow these instructions. You only need to do this once. This means that your website will appear in Google search results under your own web address and your address will be visible to people in their browser address bar. So, for example your website page at:

will become visible at:

IMPORTANT: Even after you have set your own web address, you will notice that you still see your Sporty URL in your own browser when you are logged in to your website. However, anyone who goes to your public web address will see your public address in their browser address bar and not your Sporty URL. When you use the settings of a website widget (such as the Button widget) to link to another page of your website, it will automatically use your public web address for that page. However, take care if you are setting explicit links to pages manually within your text or elsewhere to ensure you link to your own web address for the page and not the Sporty URL for the page. Note that it's easy to get your own web address for any page by keeping your website open in a separate browser tab using your public web address.


If you wish, you can change your Sporty URL for your site. To do this, login and go to your Dashboard, then click the Admin Settings tile.

Enter your desired Sporty URL in the field titled Easy Web Address.  
Click Save when finished.




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