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Weighmaster App

NZ Rugby have made available a Weighmaster App to help streamline the weigh-in process, letting a Union official quickly and easily enter weights of players and take player photos and verify date of birth.

The Weighmaster App is a web app, so you don't need to download it from the App Store or Google Play. It is turned on by Provincial Unions for those individuals that the Provincial Union gives authority to perform official weigh-ins on behalf of the PU.

It is recommended that Provincial Unions should read the User Guide below to familiarise yourself with the functionality of the Weighmaster App sufficiently to understand how it works and be able to explain it to whoever you give authority to be a weigh master.

The Weighmaster App is not available to the general public and is restricted to Provincial Unions and whichever official(s) each Provincial Union gives login access to. The process for this is described in the User Guide below. For support or training in the use of the Weighmaster App, please ask your Provincial Union.

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