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Difference Between Free and VIP websites

Free websites

Home Page:  You are allowed up to two section blocks, and each section can only be "one widget deep" - that is, one widget per column in the section. 

Figure 1 shows a layout with two sections (outlined in blue), each of which has one widget placed inside.  Looking at the top section, we could add another two widgets next to the existing one (by clicking the + ADD CONTENT button), but we couldn't add a widget below the existing widget.

Figure 1

Likewise for the bottom section, we could add a widget next to our Sporty image, but not below it.

General Pages: The pages of FREE websites are restricted to one section, and "one widget deep", meaning only one widget per section column.  This rule applies to every page except the Home page (in which you are allowed another section - detailed above).

Refer to figure 2 below for an example:

Figure 2

VIP Websites

You can create unlimited sections and display unlimited widgets on every page. You can also create and delete pages.

Additional Notes

FREE websites display a small advert at the bottom of each page.





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