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Mobile App - getting started

Connect with your community using the Sporty Mobile App.

The Sporty app is available free for every sports club, association or school.

View the video for a quick tutorial or download and print the attached instructions.


Instructions to download the Sporty app

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play
  1. Search for “Sporty NZ” or “Sporty AU” > download the app and OPEN
  1. Click into the app and search for your organisation

Each time you click back into the app you will be taken to your organisation.


App home page icons


This displays the organisations Sporty website


This icon is present if there are news articles on the website.

By default, all news articles are displayed. There is a ‘Visible for mobile’ checkbox in the settings for each news article. Untick this checkbox if you do not wish a news articles to be displayed on the app.


This displays the Gallery page from the website. The Gallery page allows you to show or hide folders from your website image repository. Any Gallery folders that are set to display publicly on your website will automatically appear via the Gallery icon in your Mobile App.


If the org is using the Notices widget on either their main website or any subsites, then this icon will display on the App home screen.

All notices that are sent will be received by the user as push notifications. To send your notice, click into the settings cog of the Notices widget and click Send Notices.

The user is able to select which notices they wish to have included via the ‘Notice Settings’ area. In the example below the user has opted in to receive notices from the main club site as well as the Premier 1 team sub-site.


This displays the contact details for the organisation as set in the Admin Settings area of the website. It includes a map if a physical address exists.


This links to the org’s Facebook page. This icon will only appear if their Facebook URL is set in the Facebook link field in the Dashboard > Admin Settings area of the website. Note this will only display a Facebook page not a Facebook Group.


This gives the user the ability to change the org their app is set to, or to add another org. It also lets the user set which Notices they wish to receive as push notifications.


This displays a list of registration forms that have been enabled to be viewed within the app. By default, when you create an online form it is automatically set to be displayed in the app. To disable, edit the registration form click the orange via Advanced Options button, untick the ‘Visible in mobile app’ check box. Save and your form will no longer be visible in the app.


An easy way for a user to share a link to download their organisations app from the App Store or Google Play


This icon exists if the organisation has included a URL in KAMAR or Schoology field in the Admin Settings area of the website. It will typically be used by a school to link to their parent portal with KAMAR or Schoology.


This icon only appears if the org has a registration form called ‘Absentee’ in their Sporty website. Typically used by schools for absentee reporting.


Customised Version

Let us tailor the app to meet your needs by providing a customised version of the app. Please contact for further details.

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