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Creating News Articles and Categories

Creating a News Article

To create a news article, navigate to the news modal, by going to Site Settings > News, and then clicking +Add Article.


Here, you can add a title, content and style your news article. 

To add an image, select the Image tab in the media section. Click Add and select an image from your uploaded images. A caption can be added to the photo by ticking the Display photo caption box and entering the text into the field below. 


You can add a video by clicking the Video tab. Click Add and paste the URL into the box pop-up box. Only You-Tube videos are accepted. Caption text can be added on videos, however, it will intentionally not display on the news article. 


To embed media within the content section click the Media Embed icon in the editing toolbar. On the image or video you want to embed, right click and select copy link address. Paste the URL into the pop-up box and click OK

News articles can be grouped with like articles by adding them to a category. To do this click None selected under Categories. Tick the categories in which you want the article to be added to. Note: if you have not yet created categories, please view below.


Click Save article


Managing News Articles and Categories

News articles can be managed from within the News modal. Here you can hide/show articles, rearrange, edit, and delete them.

To create a category click the Categories Tab. Here is where a list of your categories will display. To create a new category, type the name into the Category Name box and click +Add Category


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