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News Carousel Widget

The News Carousel Widget allows a rotating style display of selected news articles.  The content for the widget comes from your central news repository. News articles can be tagged in the repository, allowing them to appear in the carousel.  The widget displays up to five recent news items.   


The news carousel includes:

  • The headline (truncated if too long)
  • A snippet of the text from the article (truncated)
  • The main image, video or hosted (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo etc.) clip attached to the article

Clicking or tapping the headline of the 'read more' link takes you to the full article. 

Tabs across the bottom of the widget with headlines (truncated) allow you to move between articles.  

You can choose:

  • Which news categories to include and whether to display a snippet of text from the article
  • What aspect ration to use (portrait, landscape, panorama)
  • To scroll over or crop images that do not fit the aspect ratio
  • The transition time between articles

When the widget appears on a mobile phone or other confined space, the image scales to display the headline below, and won't show snippets or tabs. 


How to add the News Carousel to your site

  1. Select where to position the carousel
  2. Click add content
  3. Select news carousel

Once you select the news carousel, you can work through the three news, layout and design tabs, creating your carousel. Using multiple carousels across your site can give you access to an exciting and professional way to display engaging content in a small space - ideal tablets and phones.



  • Tick the Show Text Snippet if you want this to appear next with the item in the carousel. If the snippet is too long, it is truncated
  • Select the number of articles to display and which categories you want to choose.  Selecting none draws news from across all categories



  • Selecting the correct layout for your carousel is essential. If your content is going to be predominantly images and video, consider going horizontally
  • Play around and see what looks best on multiple devices and screen sizes to ensure it works well across all


  • Select how your articles will display and how many seconds you want between each slide
  • Too long and people lose interest, too fast and people haven't had time to decide if they want to read more






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