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News syndication

There is the ability to syndicate news between organisations. This is where a parent organisation can create a category of news that can then be syndicated and displayed on the child organisations site.

As news articles are added at the parent level with the specified category, they are automatically updated in the news feed on both the parent and child site.

Below are the steps;

1. In the parent site, create a category eg. Club News.

For instructions on how to create a category see

2. Apply this category to the relevant new article(s).



3. On the parent site, add the News Feed widget to a page. Tick on Show RSS icon and select the category you wish to syndicate. Save.



4. View the news feed widget on the page. Click on the RSS icon in the top right hand corner of the news feed.


5. This opens a new window. Copy the link in the address bar.




6. In the child site that will display the syndicated news, add the News Feed widget. In the News Feed Settings area tick on Enable RSS output, paste the link in the Include RSS feed(s). Seperate URLs with a comma box, Save.




The news will now be syndicated. Each time a news article is added to the parent site and tagged with the specified category, it will automatically add this article to the child sites' news feed.



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