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With Sporty, you can display a selection of your news articles on your website by using the News Feed widget. Articles can be displayed in a list or a grid.

To get started, click + ADD CONTENT.

Select the News Feed widget from the Widget menu.

Here you can customise the settings to your preference - first by selecting either the List layout or the Grid layout. Ticking the 'Show text snippet' box will display the articles first sentence or two next to its thumbnail, which can be turned off or on by ticking the 'Show thumbnails' box. Add a header if you wish, then when finished click Save.

If you don't want the News Feed displayed on mobile browsers, simply tick the 'Hide on Mobile' box in the top right corner of the modal. 


List Layout:


Grid Layout:


If you selected the Grid layout, you have the ability to change the format in which the articles are displayed on the grid.


Layout Options:


To be able to show text snippet on mobile, choose the mobile layout option with text underneath the image.


Display Options:

Here you have the ability to change the way that your content is displayed by altering image padding, text options, background colour, and more. 




Click here for a step by step guide on how to add news articles.


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