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View and export your database


Sporty makes it easy to view the entries in your database, and export them as an Excel (CSV) file if you wish.

How to view your database:

Login to your site on the Sporty platform and click the Dashboard button at the top left of your page to go to your Dashboard view. Then click the Online Registration tile to see a list of your forms/databases.


Click on the name of a form/database to view all records submitted for that form. 


How to export your database:

You can export your database as a downloadable file that you can open in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs (e.g. Mac Numbers, Google Sheets).  If the file is large (more than 4500 records), then the export will be emailed to you.  

To download a database, click the green Export button from the top right of your database view..

A CSV file is a type of file used for storing data.  It will open in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs depending on the default file type associations set on your own computer.


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