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Sending invitations to re-register using the 'Magic Link'

If your organisation uses Sporty forms, there is an easy way to send a group email that gives each person their own unique 'magic link' to re-register for the new season, or the next term's holiday program. This magic link will direct them to the new form with their details from the previous season pre-filled, so they are not required to re-enter their details.

Sending invitations to your database

Navigate to the Online Registrations tile - found in the Dashboard. Click on the email icon beside the previous season's form.

Note: If you have not already created your current seasons registration form, simply copy last seasons form - this will save time by carrying across the previous seasons details to the new form.


Clicking on the email icon will bring up the re-register invitation pop-up box. Here you are able to alter the text that gets sent with each email - it's a good place to include information about season start dates, registration fees, or contact information. When ready, click Send email to send each person that was registered last season their own unique link to the online registration form for the new season, already populated with their details from last season.


When invitees click on the link in their email it will open the new season's registration form, pre-filled with their information from the previous season. They can update their details, make payment (if you have enabled this option), and submit their registration online. Once submitted, they will now appear in your member database for the new season.

View a season's database by selecting it from the Online Registrations tile. When viewing your last seasons' database, people that have re-registered into the new season will be highlighted in green (see image below). If there is a person you do not want to invite back to re-register, untick the Email checkbox to prevent a re-register email being sent to them (see image below).


With Sporty's Online Registrations, you are able to invite your database to re-register as many times as you wish. If people have already re-registered they will not be sent a second invitation - it is only sent to those who have not registered for the new season. 

You can also send invitations to re-register to registrants from older databases (e.g., 2019 season), and regardless if they have registered on last year's form, the link on the email will take them to the current season's form, prefilled with their last recorded information.

Sending an invitation to an individual

If there is a specific person you would like to invite back to re-register, without inviting the entire database, simply select the form in Online Registrations to view the list of registrants, then click the envelope icon to the right of the person's name.4.png

This will open up a dialogue box showing the name of the person that the invite will be sent to (Sarah Betty in this example). You can then personalise the message before sending.



How registrants can unsubscribe from invitations to re-register

When an organisation invites a database back to re-register, an email is sent to existing members. If a member no longer wishes to register with the organisation, they are able to unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. They will then no longer receive emails from the organisation. 




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