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Set up tracking categories for Xero

Sporty lets you set tracking categories for Xero if you wish. Tracking categories and category options can be set for each of the product items you include on an online form. You must firstly have Xero enabled in Sporty for your organisation to use these options.

  • To learn how to connect Xero with Sporty for the first time click here.
  • For information on how to add product items to an online form click here.
  • For instructions regarding the way Sporty works with Xero click here.

Xero Tracking Categories and Category Options. 

Xero uses tracking categories and category options to let you create separate reports for different revenue and cost centres. For example, if you offer more than one option such as Juniors and Seniors, or Netball and Rugby, you may wish to separately identify the profitability of each different option (such as the profitability of Netball compared to Rugby).

Xero allows you to have up to two active tracking categories, each with up to 100 tracking options. For example, you may decide to create a tracking category named ‘Division’ in Xero with ‘Netball’, ‘Rugby’ and ‘Touch’ set as the options for this category. You must firstly set your tracking options within Xero as follows:

Login to Xero. In the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Tracking categories.

Click + Add Tracking Category.

Under Tracking category name, enter the name of the tracking category. Enter your tracking option names under Category options.

Click Save.


The tracking category then becomes available as a column heading for your invoices in Xero, allowing you to set the tracking option for each line item.


See for more information on how to configure and use tracking settings within Xero.

Once you have created tracking category names with tracking options in Xero, you can then use these settings in Sporty against each of your product items on a form. Then when Sporty creates a draft invoice in Xero for you, it will automatically include the specified tracking settings.


IMPORTANT: Ensure that the tracking name and tracking option you set in Sporty are spelled identically to the tracking names and options you have created in Xero, or they will fail to match.

Once you have saved your tracking settings in Sporty, you can now display your form within your Sporty website or via link from email, Facebook or another website. For more information on how you to display a form, see


For more information, please visit or download the full Xero User Guide.

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