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Connecting Sporty to Xero for the first time

This support article describes how to connect your site on the Sporty platform to Xero. This normally only ever needs to be done once. For more information on how Sporty works with Xero please click here.

There is a once only set-up fee of $95 + GST to enable your Sporty website to connect with Xero. To apply, complete the application form at (New Zealand) or (Australia). You will be notified by email once your application has been approved and your connection with Xero has been enabled, normally within 2-3 business days.

Once your application to have Xero enabled has been processed, login to Sporty and go to your organisation dashboard by clicking Dashboard at the top left of the page, then click the tile Online Payments.


Check that Xero integration is shown as ENABLED.


NOTE: If you received email confirmation that you were enabled for Xero, but this is not shown here, please forward your email to and let our Support team know so they can resolve for you.

Click the blue button Connect to Xero.


Xero will require you to login.


To enable Sporty to create contacts for you in Xero or raise draft invoices for you in Xero, you need to give Sporty access to Xero. Note that for your privacy Xero does not actually share any bank balances or financial information back to Sporty.


A loading screen will be displayed. Please be patient and wait for Sporty to load. This might take a few minutes.


If successful, the Online Payments page in Sporty will now show Status: Connected.


Set Account for Paid Transactions

Once you have connected Sporty with Xero, you need to specify the account that the payments have been processed into. This is in order for invoices to be marked as Paid in Xero when an online payment is made in Sporty.

Sporty will display that your Xero connection is enabled, and will display the Xero organisation your Sporty account is linked to.  Select the account to credit the payment against and then click Save Account.

The dropdown list will display any Accounts or Bank Accounts that normally appear in Xero when you manually mark an invoice as paid.  


To add an item to the drop list, add a new bank account directly to Xero, or add/edit your Xero chart of accounts to ensure "Enable payments to this account" is enabled.

(Xero>Accounting>Chart of Accounts)


 There may be up to 2 hours delay for a new account to appear in Sporty. 

NOTE:  If you do not connect a Xero account for paid transactions in Sporty, the status of invoices in Xero will continue to be listed as Awaiting Payment even if the registration products have been paid for online as part of the Sporty registration process. 


For more information, please visit or download the full Xero User Guide.

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