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Locking the layout of a website

The Sporty platform allows multiple users to access the same website using different logins. It is common for organisations to have more than one person administering the website, and it is important that each person has their own login to avoid tripping over one another.

In some instances, organisations have put a lot of thought and effort into the design and layout of their home page, only to discover that an enthusiastic new administrator has logged in and rearranged the content to the extent that the original design effort is lost.

To protect you from this, there is the ability to ‘lock’ your website's home page, header and footer. When the home page is locked, you can still change and manage all of the content within the widgets on the home page, but it prevents administrators from inadvertently deleting widgets or sections. All pages other than the home page can still be fully modified as usual. Similar to this, when the header and/or footer are locked, you are also able to modify other content apart from those within the locked elements.

The lock can easily be added or removed at no cost by emailing

This is now included as a standard feature for all sites where there has been a well-considered design effort, or where an organisation has engaged our graphic designers to help them.

It's easy to identify when a home page is locked as it will display a red bar across the top of the page when you’re logged in that states ‘Page layout is locked, contact to unlock’, like in the image below.



When the header and footer are locked, the message will say "Header and footer are locked, contact to unlock".



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