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Notification of undelivered emails to eNewsletter recipients

When you nominate a recipient list to send your eNewsletters to, you may have email addresses that are invalid or no longer operational. When this happens, a "bounce back" email will be sent to the email address nominated as the "From Address" when the eNewsletter was created. 


If you leave the invalid email address on your recipient list without amending or removing it, it will be added to the email blacklist automatically the next time you send to it.


Email Error Codes

The notification email that is sent back to the "From Address" email will contain an error code as to why the email bounced back. The list of error codes are: 

Message Rejected

The message was rejected by recipient’s mail server.

  • 1002-1003 Your message was rejected because it was associated with a blacklist
  • 1004 Your message was rejected due to its content
  • 1006 Too many connections in a period of time
  • 1007 A virus was detected in your message
  • 1011 Challenge responses requests
  • 1999 Your message was rejected for a reason not specified above

Permanent Failures

A recipient’s address was found to be invalid.

  • 2001 The email address is invalid
  • 2002 The domain of the email address is invalid
  • 2003 The email address is not in a valid format
  • 2004 The email address is no longer valid
  • 2999 The email address was rejected for a reason not specified above

Temporary Failures

Delivery to the recipient’s address is temporarily unavailable.

  • 3001 The recipient's mailbox is full or over quota
  • 3002 Recipient email account is inactive/disabled
  • 3003 Recipient’s server continuously asked us to “try later”
  • 3999 The email address was rejected for a reason not specified above

Communication Failures

System, network or protocol errors preventing delivery.

  • 4001 Recipient’s server too busy
  • 4002 Protocol error, invalid command or timeout
  • 4003 Unable to connect to recipient's mail server
  • 4004 Recipient’s server rejected message as too old
  • 4006 Your message was rejected because the receiving server is not accepting mail for the destination domain
  • 4999 A system, network or protocol error prevented the delivery of your message for a reason not specified above


Informational, we received a reply of the following type.

  • 5001 Out of office / Auto-reply
  • 5999 An informational message was received other than for a reason specified above


Indicates that no other failure codes were encountered.

  • 9999 Sending to this email address has been permanently suppressed due to a previous failure to send to this address. We recommend removing the email address from your recipient list.



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