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Payments report over date range

You can create a report of all payments received over a date range. This will show all payments entered against a registration record regardless of whether it was an online payment using Sportspay or a manual payment recorded.

This is useful if your organisation has more than one active online form receiving payments and you want to view all payments received over a specific period.

To run the report go into Dashboard > Online Registrations > click the green Payments Report button in the top right hand corner of the screen


Enter the date range required in the pop up box and click Export



The report output is as a CSV file which can be opened in Excel. Here is an example of the payment report output:


Payment status

Success - a successful payment made using Sportspay

One off - an online payment made using Sportspay

Processing - an unsuccessful payment. This payment amount will not be displayed. If payments are set to be mandatory the record will not be displayed in your database.


For information on how to enable online payments using Sportspay, please go to


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