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How to manage a team/class sub-site

If you are the coach/manager of a team or a teacher, your club/school may have set you up with a sub-site to use as a team/class site. A team/class sites are subsites of the club/schools main website. A sub-site is a mini Sporty site that has two pages and a gallery.

When a team is created on Sporty a subsite is automatically created from the parent site that created it.

Subsites are useful for distributing news and notices to your team/class, and uploading images to the gallery.

Each team site has it’s own URL on the Sporty domain (otherwise known as an Easy Web Address), for example or

Getting started

When you first view your site it will look like the image below. These are some placeholder widgets which you can remove or modify. Most people prefer to delete them and start afresh.

To log in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Admin Login. Note that advertising only appears on subsites of sites which are on a free plan.

Enter your username and password, and click Log in. You will now be viewing your site in edit mode, so you will be able to begin adding content.

If you do not have a username and password, contact the main website’s administrator.

Editing your site

The image below shows a team sub-site in edit mode.

1. Edit site settings

Clicking on Site Settings brings up the many settings available for your site.

Under Look and Feel you can customise the look of your site, such as adding header and background images. Under Organisation, you can upload images, documents, and sponsors.

2. Section settings

Clicking on the section settings cog allows you to change the layout of the section.

3. Add Widget (content)

Click ADD CONTENT to add a widget. You can choose various widgets from the widget list, depending on the content you want to insert. Once inserted, widgets can be dragged and dropped within sections using the arrow icon. 

For further help on the different widgets see

4. Add section

Click ADD SECTION to add a new section. Adding sections and customising their layouts is how you can change the structure of your web page. You can drag and drop widgets between sections until you like how your page is laid out. Note: sites on a free plan are restricted from adding more than two sections.

5. Menu settings

Clicking the menu settings button lets you manage the menu. You can reorder the page, add styling to the menu, and edit the page names.



5. Send push notifications to team/class members

You can communicate directly with your team/class and supporters via push notification using the Notices widget. 

  • Ask your organisations website manager to show your team/class page in the mobile app. 
  • Ask your team/class members to download the Sporty NZ App or your club/school custom app  


  • Open the App, then click the Alerts Icon


  • Click the settings cog 


  • Subscribe to your team to receive notifications


 6. Send emails to team/class members 

You can communicate directly with your team/class and supporters via email using the Notices widget. Your team/class members can click the Email me notices link to opt-in to receive email notices, or you can manually add email address to this list by clicking the settings cog of the Notices widget and then clicking Add Subscriber.

When you send the notice it will send a push notification as well as an email to everyone on the subscribers list. 

For a more detailed support article on the Notices widget please see 

For a printable version of this guide download the PDF document below.

Download PDF


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