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Manage your Subsites (microsites/sub-sites)

As well as your main website, you can also have multiple sub-sites on the Sporty platform. A sub-site is a 'mini website' that is limited to having 3 pages (two pages for content plus one page for a gallery). Subsites are ideal for teams, classrooms, events, or any special case where you may wish to promote or communicate with a group of people separate to your main website. Importantly, you can let someone have login access to update and administer a sub-site and their login will not let them access your main website.
This article describes how to access, create, and manage your sub-sites.
First, login and go to Dashboard > Manage Websites.
Click Update sub-sites.
Here you can create, delete, and edit your sub-sites. 
  • To view a sub-site, click on its name.
  • To edit a sub-site, click on the pencil icon next to its name.
  • To edit the sub-site's settings, click on the gear cog icon next to its name. This includes the option to show a subsite in the app for the purpose of allowing people to subscribe to push notifications from this page.  
  • To delete a subsite, click on the trash can icon next to its name (note that this can't be undone).
  • To create a new subsite, click Create a New Subsite.
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