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How to Use Widgets

Widgets in Sporty allow you to display content such as text or images.

To get started, click +Add Content.

This will bring up the Widget menu, where you can select different widgets to add to your site. This example will focus on the Image Widget.

(For help using the Image Widget Click Here)

Selecting a widget will typically open the widget settings, where you can customize your content and settings for the widget. In the Image Settings you can choose a photo that has already been uploaded to your site, or alternatively you may import a new image using the Upload an Image button.

When finished, click Save to display the widget.


To change the image after you’ve added it, click the cog icon in the top right-hand corner. Most widgets have this cog icon, which will allow you to access their widget settings.


Click +Add Content to add new elements to your website.


This example will focus on the Text Widget. First, select it from the Widget menu.

Then type your text into the text box and click Save

(For help using the Text Widget Click Here)

To change the layout of your section, click the cog icon in the top left-hand corner of the section. Here you can change how your content will display.

If you need more space on your page, click the Add Section button at the bottom and select your new layout.

Now you are able to add content in a separate section.

Click +Add Content to bring up the Widget menu.

This example will focus on the Scrolling Text widget. First, select it from the Widget menu.

Next, customise the settings to your preference, then click Save.

(For help using the Scrolling Text widget Click Here)

On the Sporty Platform you are able to rearrange your sections and content. Click and hold on the arrow icon in the corner, then drag it to its new position.

To delete content, click the trash can icon in the top right-hand corner, then click Yes, Delete.

Click the View button to see what the site looks like live.

To edit the site again, click on Admin Login in the bottom corner.


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