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View and export your database


Sporty makes it easy to view the entries in your database, or export them as a spreadsheet readable file.

How to view your database:

To quickly view the database in your web browser, click on the Form, and click View 

How to export your database:

You can export your database as a downloadable file that you can open in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs (e.g. Mac Numbers, Google Sheets).  If the file is large (more than 4500 records), then the export will be emailed to you.  

Click on the Form, and click Export.  A CSV file will be downloaded.

A CSV file is a type of file used for storing data.  It will open in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs.  It is recommended that you save your document out as your program's native format - e.g. for Excel click on File > Save As and save it as a XLSX file.


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