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Folders and sub folders for images

Image folders and sub-folders can be created to keep your images organised. To navigate to the image modal, go to Site Settings > Images. Alternatively, you can click on the Images tile from the dashboard. 

Create folders for images

Click +Create Folder. Name the folder and click the save icon. Image folders will appear in alphabetical order.



Add images into folders

To add photos to the new folder, drag and drop images from other folders or click Upload an Image to import them from your computer.



Rename or delete image folders

Image folders can be renamed. Click the pencil icon beside the folder name you wish to change and click rename. Change the name of the folder and then click the save icon.


Image folders can also be deleted. Again, click the pencil icon beside the folder you wish to delete and click delete. Be careful when deleting folders, as this will delete the folder itself as well as all the sub folders contained within it.



Create sub-folders for images

Click the pencil icon beside the folder you want to create sub folders within. Click new sub folder. Type in the name of the sub folder and click the save icon.

Sub folders can also be renamed and deleted in the same way as renaming and deleting a folder.



Move an image into a folder or sub folder

Click and drag the image you want to move and hover over the folder or sub folder you want to move it into, then release. You can see which folder the image will be moved into as it is highlighted.



Move an image folder or sub folder 

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