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Why is something free for sports clubs but not free to our organisation?

We are sometimes asked why a feature or module on the Sporty platform is released for free to sports clubs but not necessarily free for national sports organisations (NSOs), regional sports organisations (RSOs), regional sports trusts (RSTs) or schools.

There are real and significant costs in developing, hosting and supporting the Sporty platform. For over a decade, Sporty has been able to continue providing new free services. This is made possible because of those organisations that pay for subscription services.

NSOs and RSOs tend to be better organised and more able to secure funding than most sports clubs. The payments Sporty receives from NSOs and RSOs is vital to contribute towards the cost of providing, supporting and extending the Sporty platform.

However, if you belong to a small RSO that struggles with even modest budgets, let us know and we will try to find a creative solution through a joint enterprise approach, possibly via your NSO, Sport NZ, or community funding.

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