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Sporty Game Day App - mobile data usage

Most apps use data to run. How much data each app uses can vary dramatically. For example, streaming video apps tend to use a lot of data, while apps that mainly use alphanumeric information (like words and numbers) tend to use very little data.

For people with limited plans, staying on top of which apps are using up data on your phone is pretty important. Even if you have an unlimited data plan, most carriers will start slowing your data down after you reach a certain threshold. So heavy data use can inadvertently ruin the rest of your month.

Most people prefer to connect to a WiFi network rather than using up their mobile data allowance. But with sport, you're often in a location where WiFi simply isn't available. 

Fortunately, the Sporty Game Day App for team list submission and live scoring of sports games normally uses very little data. However, it also has the ability to work even without any mobile data. This article describes how you can check which of your apps has been using most of your data and it also explains how you can use the Sporty Game Day App without any mobile data at all.


Your mobile phone lets you see how much data each of your apps has been using. In the image for the iPhone settings above, you can see the amount of data stated beneath the name of each app. If your phone is an Android device, go to Settings, then Connections, then Data Usage, then select Mobile Data Usage to see what apps you’ve used so far this month and how much data they used. At the top of the page, you can also adjust the time period you're viewing, so you can see how this month's data use compares to the previous month if you wish.


On your mobile phone, you can decide which apps use mobile data. You can turn your mobile data off altogether for all apps, or turn it off individually for selected apps. To do this, go into your phone Settings, identify the app and then change its setting to not use mobile data as shown in the images below.

Then, before you head to the game, firstly ensure your phone is connected to a WiFi network and then launch the Sporty Game Day App. This lets the app synchronize in the latest updates to your game fixtures and the player data for your teams. You should also submit your team sheet if required.

Now you can head to the game and use the app in an offline state. It will still let you score the game but since you're not connected to the internet, your scores will not flow live back into the system at this time. Nor will your score change colour to warn you if your score doesn't match another scorer of that game.

NOTE: You can also set your phone to Flight Mode during the game if you wish, and continue using the app in an offline state.

IMPORTANT: After you've finished scoring the game and get back into WiFi coverage, simply launch the app again and it will upload your scoring data for you automatically.





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