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Display COMET Football Fixtures on Your Website

It's easy  to display a live feed of football draws and results on your Sporty website. You can set this to display fixtures specific to your club or school.

Note: this support article relates to displaying live draws and results for Football. If you wish to display Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Softball, or Touch draws and results, please refer to this support article instead.

To get started, login, navigate to the page where you'd like your draws and results to display, click + ADD CONTENT to open the Widget menu. Then select the Draws & Results: NZ Football (COMET) widget.




There are three tabs within widget modal that allow you to fully customise what is displayed.


1. Filters

The widget modal will open to the Filters Menu. The Sport and Season options are pre-selected for you. 

  1. Federation - select your Federation.
  2. Grades - all grades within your Federation will be displayed. Refine the search to select which grades you would like to display. All competitions assigned to those grades will then appear for selection.
  3. Competition - all competition within the selected grades will be displayed. Refine the search to select which grades you would like to display.
  4. Organisation - all organisations are selected by default. You can reduce the number of organisations available for the public to select from, or to restrict the results to only your organisation. Tick the 'Select all' checkbox to deselect all organisations. Then simply find your club/school within the list and tick the checkbox to turn it on.

Please note, when you are selecting the Grades, Competition, and Organisation, there can be a short delay while the options are being populated.

The Draws Widget display is fully customisable. You can remove the filters from public display by checking the hide filter options next to each filter type. For example, if your widget displays a singular grade this does not need to be displayed for user selection. 



If you choose to select multiple competitions to display in the widget, you can also select the order that the competitions will appear to users by clicking Set Sort Order. You can now drag and drop the selected competitions into the order you wish for them to appear on the widget dropdown.


2. Display

The Display menu provides you with an option to customise how the returned fixture information should be displayed on your site.

Draws, Results, and Standings

You can choose to display draws, results, and standings in one widget, or alternatively to only display one or two of these items.


If you have selected a singular output, the draw will display with a full title bar rather than as tabs, and the round number (if displayed) will be displayed in the same font colour as the title bar. 



Title Bar

You can hide the Title Bar if you do not want this displayed. This would most likely be unchecked if you were displaying a singular tab (draws/results/standings) and you do not wish to give the public an option to filter or amend the displayed results. In the example below, the filters are also hidden.




Logos and Team Names

You can hide Logos or Org/Team Names if you do not want these to be displayed. You can also decide what size the logos should be by selecting the Regular or Large option in the ‘Size’ section.




You can set the widget to display the round number instead of a date filter if you wish. If rounds are selected to be displayed, the date range filter will not appear for public view.





Time & Date and Venues

You can hide the fixture time and date if you do not want these to be displayed. This may be pertinent if your draw is only displaying results and you are displaying round numbers instead of a date range.





You can hide the points for, points against, and points differential from displaying on the standings table. Note: these fields will only display on mobile view if “Org/Team Name” is hidden.




Match Description 

You can hide the match description if you do not want these to be displayed. Hiding the match description will mean that the description of fixtures, such as ''Semi-final'' or ''Final'', will not be displayed. Hiding the match notes will mean that any notes added against a fixture will not be displayed in the draws and results tab. 




Match Centre

Match Centre information will be made available for each game once the information is submitted by officials. This includes the score, venue, lineup from each team, the timeline of highlights and game notes, if any.





If you do not want this displayed, you can hide Match Centre links by unticking the Match Centre option.






You can choose to set a default height for the widget to ensure that your page remains visually balanced when you display a draws widget. To do this, select the Custom option and specify the pixel height for the widget. When viewing your site users will be presented with an option to display “more” or “less” of the draw to display all fixtures.




3. Style

The Style menu provides you with design elements that can be applied to your widget to change the look and feel of the returned fixture information on your site.

Title Bar

You can set the Title Bar colour which applies to the ‘Draws’, ‘Results’, and ‘Standings’ tabs. The filter options will inherit a ‘reversal’ of this colour, with the background colour being applied to the text instead.

By default, the widget automatically inherits your site wide font and font colour (see article on how to set site wide font and colour) with a fully transparent background. These can be changed to suit your design requirements.


The example below shows the Title Bar background colour in red, the Font as Arial and Text Colour white and the Background Colour as blue.



 If the location is set in COMET, the venue becomes clickable to show a Google map of the location.


Google map link to venue will be displayed








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