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How can so much be provided for free?

We view the services we provide as a noble cause that is helping to improve the organisation of sport and schools throughout New Zealand and Australia. However, we receive no funding from government or community funders and so must rely on revenue from advertising as well as our provision of value-added services to organisations who are able to contribute financially.

The single biggest external cost to technology solution providers normally relates to support. Support requests may arise from staff or volunteers at sports associations, clubs and schools who are either (a) newly investigating the ability of the platform to meet their needs, or (b) existing users who want to take their use of the platform to the next level. Most people will find the answers they seek by experimenting with the system or using the comprehensive online support and self-help video tutorials available at 

However, if you’d like one-on-one answers to your more specific questions relating to your own use of the platform, you are invited to use our premium paid support numbers which attract a fee of $1.99/minute to contribute towards the cost of human support. These numbers are 1902 287 780 (Australia) and 0900 777 876 (New Zealand)

Alternatively, if you do have budget available, we can work through your specific requirements with you to allow us to understand your unique needs in detail and then explain how you can meet them using different components or functionality of the system. This exercise can normally be done within 2.5 – 5 hours support time (covering communications, investigation & analysis, provision of answers & recommendations) for a budget of $250 - $500 + GST each time. Or you can purchase an ongoing support package at the discounted rate for $50/month + GST (payable annually in advance) to receive up to one hour of human support per month via email and a freephone number. To purchase support, please call our sales team on 1300 187 780 (Australia) or 0800 777 874 (New Zealand).

One caveat that should be common sense, but we will still state here: although the platform is constantly being extended and continues to meet most of the evolving needs of sports organisations, clubs and schools, there may be some highly specific requirement you have that cannot currently be met. In such instances we will identify it for you and can size and quote to add the functionality for you if you wish.

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