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Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library tile on your Sporty dashboard provides an area where regional sports trusts and governing organisations can share document templates and resources with their affiliated clubs and schools, including policies, procedures, management templates, health & safety resources, position descriptions, and much more.

Affiliated schools and sports organisations can view, download, and customise the document templates, and then save them to their own document storage area on the Sporty platform for their own use.

Clicking on the Knowledge Library tile allows users to browse folders or search for a specific document. Users can click on a document name to download it to their computer, allowing them to then customise it for their own organisation. Customised versions that have been saved locally to your computer can be uploaded to the Documents and Audio area of your Sporty site. This stores your own version in the cloud for your organisation's use in the future, and you can then link to it or display it from your website if you wish.

Note: if you click on the Knowledge Library tile from your Sporty dashboard and are unable to view documents, then your governing body or regional sports trust has not shared any resources or templates with you.

If you are a regional or national governing body (eg RSO or NSO) or regional sports trust (RST) and wish to make resources or templates available to sports clubs or schools, contact

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