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Text Widget

To get started, click + ADD CONTENT then select the Text Widget from the Widget menu.


Formatting Text

You can now type into the text area.

There is also the ability to select a default text font and size. To customise these, please refer to this support article.

Click on the dropdown arrow as shown below to expand the selection to apply the different formats.



To create a new paragraph press enter, or alternatively press shift-enter to start a new line within the same paragraph.


If you are copying text from another website or document, we recommend first pasting the text into Notepad to strip out any formatting then copy and paste it from Notepad into the text area.

You can also manually change the text format by highlighting the text you would like to edit and use the various options available on the text editor bar (e.g. font, font size, font colour, text alignment, etc.)




If you want to undo or redo the changes that you have made, click on the buttons highlighted below.



Adding Hyperlinks

To link text, first highlight the text you want to link, then click on the Link icon. 


Paste your link in the hyperlink/URL area of the pop-up box.




To make the link open in a new window, click on Target, and select New Window (_blank).


You can also create a Click Here link by simply copying a link, clicking in the text area, and pressing Ctrl-V (Cmd-V on macOS).


You can change the format of hyperlinked texts on your whole site by updating site-wide text settings. For instructions on how this is done, please refer to this support article.

Adding a Table

You can easily add a table to your text area by clicking on the Table icon and setting the appropriate number of rows and columns. 


Once you click OK, this will insert a table into your text area.


The columns in the table will resize to fit your text while typing - to move to the next column or row to enter your text, simply click into it.

To add or delete rows or columns, right click in the table where you wish to add or delete them and select the action or item from the menu.


Text Widget Settings

To edit text settings click the settings cog icon. text_widget_1.png


This will open the Text Settings window where you can set a background colour to your text widget, add padding, or apply a drop shadow. You can also set the text to be hidden on mobile by ticking on the Hide on mobile box highlighted below.


Click Save and your changes will be applied to the Text widget. 

You can embed media such as tweets, videos, and audio into your text:

For more help, please see the below video:


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