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Embedding Media in Text

With the Sporty content management system (CMS), you can embed media such as tweets from Twitter, videos from YouTube, audio, and photos from Facebook into any text area - such as your News articles or your Text Widget. This method supports over 1,000 different media sources.


To embed audio, select Site Settings > Documents and Audio.

Then click Upload a Document to import your audio clip.

Once uploaded, you are able to copy the audio’s URL. Simply click the black copy button to bring up the pop-up box, then copy the URL.

Once back in your text box, click on the audio icon in the widget toolbar. Paste your copied audio URL here.

Your audio clip is now embedded into your text.


To embed a tweet, first view the tweet on Twitter. Click the dropdown arrow in the top righthand corner, and click Copy Link to Tweet.


Simply paste this link into your text and the Tweet will appear.




To embed video, first view the video on the page that it came from (e.g. YouTube), and copy the URL.

Then simply paste the URL into your text and the video will appear.


Photos from Facebook 

To embed photos from Facebook, go to your Facebook photos and click into the photo you wish to copy into a text area of your website. Right-click on the photo and copy the image address:


Now simply paste the link into a text area of your website and the image will display there:



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