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Create a Subsite

Subsites are 'mini sites' that you can create as small standalone websites that do not appear within your main website menu. They are typically used for teams, events or special purposes such as information pages, members' only pages, or blogs. Each subsite has its own URL and includes a home page, a spare page, and a gallery page. There is no limit to the number of the subsites you can create. Here's how to set one up.

To get started, navigate to the dashboard and select Manage Websites.

Click Update sub-sites.

Next click Create New Sub-site.

Here you can name the site, and give it an easy web address such as myfirstsubsite or a name relevant to you. It will then immediately become reachable at e.g. (in NZ) or (in AU). Note that if you have your own web address set, such as and you give the subsite an address of e.g. myfirstsubsite, it will automatically become reachable at after a few hours (after web caching has cleared).

Click Submit when finished.



Your sub-site has now been created. Note that it will inherit placeholder widgets along with styling consistent to your main website, but you can change these elements locally on the subsite if you wish and these changes will not impact your main website.

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