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Reordering the Menu and Moving a Page

Reordering the Menu

While editing the site, click on the pencil icon to the right of the menu. Select Reorder Menu.


Each menu item will now have small arrows on either side.  To move a menu item, click on the arrow in the direction you would like to move it in. Repeat for your menu items until you are satisfied with your new layout. Click Save when finished.
Note: You have the ability to move all pages, apart from the Gallery page.

Moving a Page

You also have the ability to move pages to different levels on the menu (e.g., main page, sub-page, or sub-sub-page), apart from the homepage which is set as a main page. For more information on homepage features, please refer to this article.

To move the position of a page, hover over the desired page item until the edit pencil appears. Click on the edit pencil and then, click Move.


To re-position your page under a different sub-page, click the Position page under drop down button and select the page.


To change the order of your pages on the menu, click the Position drop down button and select its desired position.


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