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Management of Rugby League Transfers

The by-laws of NZRL and your Rugby League district govern transfer requirements.  

Request a Transfer/Permit

In sporty, if you attempt to approve the registration of a player that has already registered as a player with another organization in the last 12 months, a message will prompt you to request a transfer.


If you click Request Transfer the following message will display and system will email the original club the player registered to with a transfer request.



If you click Request Permit the following message will display and system will email the original club and district the player registered to with a permit request.


Note that once a transfer/permit has been requested, the status of the player in your database will display as Transfer Pending.


When the club that the player first registered with receives the transfer/permit request via email, they are prompted to approve or decline the transfer.


When an administrator from the home club approves or declines the transfer request, they will see one of the following confirmation messages. Note that if they decline, they are prompted to enter a reason.


When the district has approved the transfer/permit, an email is then sent back to the club that requested the transfer to notify them that it was approved or declined. If the home club of the player fails to take any action within 7 days, the transfer request will automatically be approved to the requesting club.

If you are dissatisfied with the response from the home club, please escalate the matter to your district.

Monitor Transfers

Click the Transfer icon located next to your player database in Online Registrations to open the transfer interface to view the status of pending and completed transfers for your organisation.





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