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Management of Rugby League Transfers

The rules of NZRL and your Rugby League District govern the requirements for the transfer of players.

Under the old LeagueNet system, if a player completed a registration form with a new club, the system would reject the registration if it recognised that the player already belonged to a different club. This introduced a roadblock that frustrated people since they would need to firstly obtain a clearance from their previous club, then repeat the registration process with the new club. Some players would deliberately try to thwart the old system by altering their name or date of birth to fool the system to avoid it matching them to their old record.

The Sporty platform solves this by handling registrations and clearances differently. Sporty allows players to register with a new club, and simply holds their registration in a 'Pending' state until the club clicks a button to approve the registration. The advantage of this method is that it allows the player to complete the registration process without any roadblock or frustration, and it allows the new club to be fully aware of all new registration attempts.


When the new club clicks the green button to approve the player's registration, the system will alert the club to the fact the player is registered with another club, then give them the opportunity to request a transfer.

Request a Transfer/Permit

In Sporty, if you click the green button to approve the registration of a player that has already registered as a player with another organization in the last 12 months, a message will prompt you to request a transfer.


If you click Request Transfer the following message will display and system will email the original club the player registered to with a transfer request.



If you click Request Permit the following message will display and system will email the original club and district the player registered to with a permit request.


Note that once a transfer/permit has been requested, the status of the player in your database will display as Transfer Pending.


When the club that the player first registered with receives the transfer/permit request via email, they are prompted to approve or decline the transfer.


When an administrator from the home club approves or declines the transfer request, they will see one of the following confirmation messages. Note, they are prompted to enter a comment to state their reason.



When the district has approved the transfer/permit, an email is then sent back to the club that requested the transfer to notify them that it was approved or declined. If the home club of the player fails to take any action within 7 days, the transfer request will automatically be approved to the requesting club.

If you are dissatisfied with the response from the home club, please escalate the matter to your district.

Monitor Transfers

Player Transfers – Summary View

Click the transfer icon located next to your player database to open the Player Transfers Summary view, which shows the status of all pending and completed player transfers for your organisation in that season.


The Player transfers summary view is colour coded to make it easy to see what portion of the player transfer acceptance process still needs to be completed.


The player name appears first.  Click the players name for the Player transfer – detailed view.

All organisations impacted by the player transfer/clearance/permit request are listed.

  • The name of the organisation will appear in Green if transfer approval is still required.
  • The name of the organisation will appear in Red if transfer/clearance/permit was declined.
  • The name of the organisation will appear in Black if they do not need to take any further action.

The transfer status is also colour coded to show:

  • Pending transfers in Green (action still required)
  • Declined transfers in Red (transfer/clearance/permit request declined)
  • Accepted transfers in Black

By default, you will see transfer/clearance/permit records in a Pending state because they still require action. You can modify the Transfer Status dropdown to change the display to show Accepted, Declined or All records. 



Player Transfers – Detailed View

Clicking a player name will take you to the detailed transfer view.image__11_.png

Cameron Alexander, awaiting approval from Otahuhu

In addition to the information provided by the Summary View, the Detailed View will display the admin who gave approval for the transfer and date the approval was given. If no name is displayed, this indicates approval was provided automatically.

If the transfer is still awaiting approval by your organisation, you can action the transfer from the Detailed View by clicking Decline Transfer or Approve Transfer. 

Note:  You should only approve a transfer if the club the player is transferring to has paid/committed to pay any required transfer fees, and you have confirmed the player does not have any remaining financial or contractual obligations to your organisation.

A confirmation prompt will be displayed upon clicking Approve Transfer. A comment may be added regarding the transfer and its approval. Click OK to continue.

A confirmation prompt will be displayed upon clicking Decline Transfer. It is mandatory to enter the reason the transfer/clearance/permit request is being declined. Click Ok to decline the transfer request.


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