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Create private password-protected (members only) pages

Sporty has a feature that allows you to set pages to be private so they only appear in your menu to visitors that have entered a member's password.  This is a premium feature, you will need to contact OR for us to enable this for you.

From the Website Builder, to make a page private, click on the pencil icon for the page and click Private from the dropdown menu settings for that page.  A small padlock icon will appear next to a page you have made private.


If you click View from the top of the screen, you will note that the private pages do not appear publicly in your website menu.

To set a password to allow people to see pages that are private, click Site Settings Members Password. Create your own password and click Save.

To see how it works, log out of Sporty by clicking your username at the top right of the screen, then click Log Out. Go to your website and you will notice that private pages do not appear in your menu. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Members. Enter the password you created earlier, and click Login. The private pages will now be visible. Click Members Logout at the bottom of the screen if you wish to log out.

NOTE: There is one password for all private pages in your main website menu. If you are using subsites (microsites), there is one password for each subsite and you set these separately as described above.

How to change a password

As the website administrator, to change the password, simply go to Site Settings > Members Password. Change the password and click Save.

What's the difference between Hidden pages, Concealed pages and Private pages?

Pages set to be Hidden do not appear in your website menu to anyone other than website administrators when you are logged in. Even if a visitor knows the URL address of a hidden page and tries to visit it directly, they will be unable to see the page content. This is useful for pages that are under construction or content that you want completely hidden from the public and from Google. Learn how to Hide a page.

Pages set to be Concealed do not appear in your website menu but can be reached by any visitor that knows the URL address of the concealed page and visits it directly. Learn how to Conceal a page.

Pages set to be Private do not appear in your website menu until a visitor enters the members password for your website or sub-site.

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